Hey there! I’m Dr. Tricia Cardner!

I am a former psychology professor turned poker player ̶ here to serve you some epic help for your mindset.

I have a lot of experience teaching people how to use psychology to become the best version of themselves. Whether it's through teaching, writing, coaching, or mentoring, my sole goal is to help you gain mastery of your mindset.

I'm obsessed with doing everything I can to help you master new concepts, take action, and actually have fun learning all the small steps and big ideas that go into creating a peak performance mindset.

I've earned doctoral degrees in psychology and criminology, my license as a psychotherapist, and I previously taught psychology at the collegiate level. In addition to this, I've been playing and studying poker for several years, so I am well equipped to bring you the latest psychological research while making it easily understandable and immediately usable. Anyone can learn and make use of the techniques I present, and that's my goal; to train you to master your mindset, so you never need to be tethered to a mindset coach.

I am the author of Positive Poker and Peak Poker Performance and a contributor to Excelling at No Limit Hold 'Em. I co-host the Poker on The Mind podcast with Gareth "Gazellig" James.

When I'm not busy creating content and tearing it up on the felt, I rescue Golden Retrievers, I visit Disney World as often as possible, and I live by the motto: "Where there's cake, there's Cardner."

Follow me on Twitter: @drtriciacardner

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