Learn Hand Reading, & Improve Your Mental Game at the Same Time

I’ve known that my colleague and friend, James “SplitSuit” Sweeney, was planning to release an ultimate hand reading course for some months, now. He has finally finished it, and I was able to get my eyes on it. It is impressive! What is The Hand Reading Lab

If you’ve ever wondered, “what the heck are my opponents playing over there!?” then this is the course for you. He covers everything from, shaping hand ranges, to reacting to 3 and 4-bets, to mastering Flopzilla. He gets in depth when it comes to playing a variety of flop textures. Besides that, in true “teacher fashion,” he includes assignments and exercises that will help you get this stuff in your brain, once and for all.

Hand Reading Lab

If you think this might be for you, do NOT purchase it until you read on to learn how to make this an even more valuable package, at no extra cost!

I’d recommend this course without reservation, but I thought to myself: “what could make it even better for my followers?” I asked James if we could make a special offer just for you, and he said yes! If you buy his Hand Reading Lab using my special code (misscardner), you’ll also get The Mental Advantage video course at absolutely no additional cost.

The Mental Advantage is a series of videos that SplitSuit and I recorded, where we talk about the theory and practice of the psychology of poker. It’s over 5 hours in length. We cover things like:

  • How to overcome mental stumbling blocks such as self-sabotage.
  • How to solve tilt problems using a “tilt autopsy.”
  • How to develop expertise by turning weaknesses into strengths.
  • How to promote self-discipline by using effective tools like restructuring your environment.
  • The all-important, how to learn poker.
  • And more!

This course is filled with tips, tricks, and strategies that you can put into use immediately. If you want to take your game to the next level, this is the package for you!

The Mental Advantage Course

To sign up, click the link below, and at checkout make sure you put misscardner in the offer code box. If you accidentally leave out the code, you’ll still get SplitSuit’s great Hand Reading Lab, but you won’t get my Mental Advantage course. I’d really hate for you to miss out on this smoking deal!

You’ll receive instant access to The Hand Reading Lab, and you’ll get access to The Mental Advantage video course within 2 business days.

Don’t forget to use the code, misscardner, when you purchase!

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